Monday, November 12, 2007

Opening my own headlining show in Vegas, baby!

Well, it's been a long time coming...but it was worth the wait! How exciting to open my very own headlining show in a Las Vegas casino showroom! And what a night it was -- I had the most wonderful bands on stage with me - for the first show at 7 pm ("Jazzin' with Jeanne"), I had the incomparable Charlie Shaffer on piano, the wonderful Danny DeMorales on bass, the outrageous Jimmy Racey on drums and the legendary Don Hill on saxophone. And in the audience! I had so many wonderful friends in the audience -- including the very talented barbershopper Bill King who had driven in from Los Angeles for the show, legendary performers such as Skip Trenier from the Treniers, Sonny Charles from the Checkmates, Paul Stubblefield from touring companies of the Ink Spots & the Platters, former Lt. Gov. Lonnie Hammargren, Mark Richards, Bob Kaz, Kid Cary, Betty York - and so many more! Next week, my special guest star will be the fabulous Paul Stubblefield and the following week -- it'll be the marvelous Carmine Mandia - fresh from his "Shades of Sinatra" gigs!
And the second show -- the 9 pm "Jammin' with Jeanne" show was such a blast! The fabulous French jazz band Sac a Pulses can play everything from Sidney Bechet (I love Christian's soprano sax solos!) to the Dirty Brass Band! We missed the wonderful Dehner Franks for the opening since he was in Seattle last week -- but he'll be there for this week's show! He's the only man I know who loves Fats Waller as much as I do!